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Octo's team consists of 12 permanent employees who manage the following administrative tasks:

  • Processing rebates twice a month.

  • Producing several individual reports for all members monthly.

  • Keeping your business information confidential and not sharing it with other members.

  • Providing suppliers' individual programs and condensed rebate documentation.

  • Preparing all negotiation review meetings and general assemblies.

  • Hosting and organizing the two general assemblies.

  • Conducting and organizing 4 to 6 Executive Board conference calls annually.

  • Recruiting new members on a continual basis.


The Octo Purchasing Group does not interfere with the daily operations of its members.

  • Each member maintains their autonomy.

  • You negotiate your day-to-day acquisition costs.

  • All members pay the same fees.

  • Each member has an equal voting right.

  • Committees handle negotiations, not the largest member.


  • No capital is required for bank guarantees, bonds, or letters of credit.

  • To ensure the well-being of all members, financial statements are sent directly to an external auditor annually in complete confidentiality.

  • Financial health of our members is monitored by our corporate standard ratios.


  • Enhancing your existing communication network with Octo’s members and suppliers.

  • Receiving constant industry updates and notifications.

  • Accessing an efficient and varied communication system, including private and secure website access.

  • Learning about your competition, both internal and external.

  • Establishing or re-establishing links between suppliers and members.

  • Interfacing, networking, and exchanging best practices with other members and vendors.


  • Transferring purchase volumes towards supportive Octo vendors is encouraged and beneficial.

  • Honoring the terms afforded to Octo by its suppliers, as image and credibility are very important to Octo members.

  • Undertaking to keep all components of Octo’s rebate book, including negotiation documents, agreements with suppliers, and membership, confidential.

  • Sending financial statements to Octo's auditor annually to ensure membership stability and reliability.

  • Attending Octo’s general meetings.


  • Maintaining your established relationships with your suppliers.

  • Preserving your buying autonomy.

  • Adding to your sourcing opportunities.

  • Participating in bulk buy opportunities and group buys.

  • Accessing multiple monthly promotions offered by suppliers.

  • Benefiting from collective buying volumes to maximize day-to-day pricing.

  • Reducing transportation costs by pooling with other members to get the best pricing level and pre-paid (PPD) shipments.

  • Taking advantage of buy/sell opportunities within the group.

  • Moving, selling, or trading surplus or dead inventory in other territories or regions.

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