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Initially partnered with 60 suppliers, the count now exceeds 500 and is still expanding.

Annual Business Reviews

Octo's suppliers participate in the annual business review process, ensuring transparent communication and collaborative decision-making. Through a committee, led by Octo members, they engage in productive discussions aimed at optimizing mutual benefits, fostering long-term partnerships and building a rebate program that will be beneficial to both members and suppliers.


Suppliers pay rebates on a monthly or quarterly schedule. These rebates are distributed to members twice a month, with no delay or withholding to accrue interest. 100% of the rebates received is promptly returned to members, reflecting Octo's commitment to transparency and maximizing cash flow for its members.

Annual Auditing

External audits verify the complete distribution of all rebates to Octo members, ensuring accountability and transparency in financial operations. Each June, Octo's financial reports are presented for review and approval during the Annual General Assembly, providing members with insight into the organization's fiscal health. Additionally, monthly aging reports are mandatory, offering a real-time assessment of members' financial status and enabling proactive measures to support their stability.

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