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OCTO's Profile

Founded originally in 1982, by six plumbing wholesalers, in the province of Quebec, then named Octo Plumbing Ltd.

Today’s membership stands at 68 members (more thant 260 outlets) located across Canada participating in various market segments.

In 2002, the name changed to Octo Purchasing Group to better reflect the changes within our group. The key to our success has been through diversification into additional market segments: Plumbing, HVAC, Retail, Refrigeration (HVACR), Industrial (PVF), Waterworks, Pumps, Fire ProtectionHardware, Industrial-Safety, and most recently Paint.

Since founding, the membership sales have continued to grow and are now excess of four billion dollars.

Originally allied with 30 suppliers the number has increased to over 400 and continues to grow.

The collective experience of the Octo Purchasing Group. has positioned us well in our changing market. Octo is represented by an elected board of directors.  It's representation is both geographical and by market segment in order to adress all issures and concerns.

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