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Expand your business

  • Members across 8 market segments.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Improved business stability through diversification of customers.

Communicate directly with the decision maker

  • Know key contacts.

Reduce credit risk

  • Annual review of members' financial statements.
  • Monthly review of aging reports.
  • Compliance of negotiated terms.

Consolidate programs

  • Rationalize multiple programs into a group program.
  • Standardize terms and conditions.
  • 100% of the revenues generated are returned to your customers.

Promote your business

  • Promotions conducted through the group go directly to the decision maker of each company.

Reduce administration cost

  • Singular reporting and settlement.

Gain loyalty

  • Fixed group objectives.
  • Movement of business towards the most rewarding programs.


Octo's vendors are very important to our success. Suppliers are chosen specifically to address the needs of the many market segments Octo participates in. We are always looking for partners to develop new programs for our members, however before we even consider a new vendor, several requirements must be met:

  • Octo partners only with the top market share holders in their respective product category.
  • Product line must be established.
  • $250,000 minimum requirement of established purchase volume within the Octo group.
  • Ability to provide a monthly sales report.
  • Interest in developing on going product promotions.
  • Desire to design a mutually beneficial market development program.
  • $400 annual contribution.



  • Originally allied with 30 suppliers, the number has increased to over 400 and continues to grow.

Negotiation meetings

  • Participating into the negotiating process.
  • Conducting negotiations by committees.


  • Suppliers pay rebates on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Rebates are distributed to the members twice a month. At no time do we withhold members money to generate interest.
  • 100% of the rebates received is returned to the members.

Auditing Yearly

  • External auditing confirms that all rebates are distributed to members.
  • Octo's financials are presented for review and approval at the June general assembly.
  • Aging report is required monthly to monitor members' financial situation.
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