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Expand your business

Expand your business across 8 market segments to differentiate yourself from the competition and improve business stability through diversification of customers.

Improve communications

Communicating directly with the decision maker offers faster responses, clearer understanding, and better negotiation opportunities. It fosters stronger relationships and leads to more efficient processes and better outcomes.

Reduce credit risk

Octo reviews members' financial statements annually, aging reports monthly, and ensures compliance with negotiated terms to maintain transparency, promptness, and mutually beneficial relationships.


We've rationalized multiple programs into a cohesive group program, streamlining efficiency. Our commitment to standardize terms and conditions ensures clarity and fairness. In addition, 100% of the revenues generated are returned directly to our valued customers.

Promote your business

Promoting your business directly to decision makers ensures targeted communication, streamlines the sales process, and fosters valuable relationships, ultimately leading to increased sales and stronger partnerships.

Reduce administration costs

Streamlining reporting and settlement into a singular system like Octo reduces administration costs by eliminating redundancies, minimizing errors, and enhancing efficiency, leading to significant savings.

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